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      Live: Mossway Hall, Liverpool

      This was The Beatles’ only performance at Mossway Hall, on Moss Way, Croxteth, Liverpool.

      It was also their only show for promoters Ivamar – Mr McIver and Mr Martin – who ran nights at three northern Liverpool venues: St Luke’s Hall in Crosby (also known as The Jive Hive), the Ivamar Club (Masonic Hall) in Skelmersdale, and Mossway Hall.

      The Beatles didn’t earn any money from this show, but they were allowed to drink as much Guinness as they were able – 17 March is St Patrick’s Day.

      Afterwards they travelled to Liverpool city centre for a show at the Liverpool Jazz Society on Temple Street.

      Live: Cavern Club, Liverpool (lunchtime)
      Live: Liverpool Jazz Society, Liverpool
      Also on this day...

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