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      Television: The Mersey Sound

      This was the fourth and final day in which The Beatles were filmed by BBC producer Don Haworth for the documentary The Mersey Sound.

      The filming took place outside 10 Admiral Grove, Liverpool 8, Ringo Starr’s family home. Starr was filmed leaving the house through the front door, being crowded by a horde of local children, and leaving in George Harrison’s open-top sports car.

      Admiral Grove, Liverpool. Scene from The Mersey Sound, BBC, 30 August 1963

      Also present were John Lennon and Paul McCartney, although footage of them from this day wasn’t used in the final edit.

      Afterwards, Haworth filmed a scene in which Starr walked alongside a row of women sitting underneath hairdryers in the salon at the Horne Bros clothes store in Lord Street, Liverpool.

      The Mersey Beat was first broadcast on Lennon’s 23rd birthday, 9 October 1963, from 10.10-10.40pm, in the London and northern England regions. Its first nationwide broadcast took place on 13 November from 7.10pm.

      Live: Odeon Cinema, Southport
      Live: Odeon Cinema, Southport
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